Hiking in Asheville NC

freeimage-5292769-webAsheville, NC offers so many things to do! Vacationers of all ages will not be disappointed. One of the great things to do in Asheville, NC is hiking the nearby trails. Staying at Brookstone Lodge is a great place to begin a wonderful hiking adventure. A first rate experience awaits you as you walk the trails in ancient, wooded mountains that are older than the North American Continent, nearby Brookstone Lodge. Asheville is nestled in the Pisgah National Forest, with easy access to the beautiful nature surrounding it. As you hike the mountain trails breathe the fresh, clean air, listen as the birds serenade you with their endless chatter and enjoy breathtaking views from some of the highest ridgelines east of the Mississippi River. Soak up the sounds and the smells of the deep life-filled forest and discover the beautiful waterfalls, green forests and babbling brooks.

A great hike for families with small children is Woodland Adventure, located within Chimney Rock Park. The interactive hike is easy for little ones along a 0.6 mile trial. Along the trail are handcrafted wood and metal sculptures of the Park’s mascot, Grady the Groundhog and his friends. The hike takes about one hour, with a trailhead elevation of 1,100 ft.

The Carolina Mountain Trail is also good for beginners. This 1.2 mile trail winds through three different types of forestry: Pine, mixed hardwoods and ericaceous. Along the way hikers can rest and enjoy a beautiful overlook at Bent Creek. This is about a one hour loop, with a trailhead elevation of 2,200 feet.

Up for a little more challenging hike, then Deep Creek Loop Trail might just be the hike for you. This trail has a bonus of magnificent views of amazing waterfalls. The Great Smoky National Park in the Deep Creek portion is the setting for this unique trail. A 4.4 mile loop highlighted by the Tom Branch Falls and the Indian Creek Falls. Prepare for a 1.5 to 3 hour adventure…that is well worth it!

For avid or more adventurous hikers, Devil’s Courthouse is a more strenuous nearby hike. According to folklore, within the jagged mountains is a cave where the devil holds court… a little scary but what a beautiful scene to behold. At the top, hikers enjoy a panoramic vista of the steep surrounding cliffs. It’s a steep but short, 0.5 mile trek to the peak. Venture if you dare!

Go ahead, take a hike! With so much natural beauty surround Brookstone Lodge, there is sure to be a hike that fits all skill levels and adventure interests!

Hiking in Asheville NC

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