4 Ways a Lodge is Different from Other Hotels Asheville NC

hotels asheville ncWhat’s the difference between a hotel, motel and a lodge? Any motel with rooms to rent for a nightly fee is a hotel, but there are subtle differences. A motel is usually less expensive than a hotel and has fewer amenities. A hotel brings to mind a tall building in the heart of the city. A lodge combines the traits of a hotel, motel and bed and breakfast, offering the best of hotels Asheville NC. Here are some characteristics of lodges that demonstrate why they might be the best accommodations for your trip.


1 – Comfort and Luxury Combined

Lodges have homier rooms, and may seem more like a bed and breakfast than a hotel. Each room may have a different design or furniture, unlike a big chain hotel, but still includes hotel -style amenities -coffeemaker, microwave, breakfast buffet and big screen TV. Think of a lodge as a cross between a bed and breakfast and a luxury hotel. A lodge has all the amenities and services of hotels Asheville NC with a cozier layout.


2- A Rustic or Rural Setting

Lodges are more rustic than their hotel or motel counterparts. They may be built in a remote mountainous area for the ultimate getaway, in a wooded area within walking distance of shopping and restaurants or just off a highway for more privacy. Lodges give guests a chance to walk out the front door and see wide open spaces instead of concrete, glass and people scurrying on city sidewalks.


3- A Laid-Back Atmosphere

Referring to a hotel or motel as a lodge conjures up visions of a ski or hunting lodge – a gathering place for vacationers interested in sports. While its true that hotels Asheville NC that are also classified as lodges are fine for guests interested in outdoor sports, anyone can enjoy a stay at a lodge. A lodge is a great place for families, newlyweds, senior couples and friends to unwind. Since most lodges are located off the beaten path, in or near woods, beaches or rural areas, guests enjoy quiet and peace of mind. All the hassles of staying in a city hotel, like construction noises and car horns honking at night disappear.


4- Personalized Service, Fewer Rooms

With more rooms than a bed and breakfast and fewer rooms than a full-scale hotel, the lodge staff can spend more time making you comfortable and still maintain the high standards of hotel professionals. Maids aren’t rushed and can spend more time cleaning rooms. A lodge concierge has more time to help guests plan a night on the town or a day antiquing.

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