Exploring the Types of Asheville NC Lodges

asheville nc lodgesThere are many ways to travel. Some people prefer luxury travel, where they fly first class and stay in five-star hotels. Others prefer minimalist travel, where they save money and stay anywhere that has a bed and a roof over their head. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. People visiting North Carolina can rest assured that there is lodging in Asheville for every type of traveler from the most luxurious to the minimalist.

Asheville NC lodges vary depending on aspects like location, budget, and amenities. Thankfully, Asheville, which is one of the largest cities in western North Carolina, has something for every visitor.

Some hotels are three or four star rated hotel and are a fantastic option for those who want to travel in style but at a reasonable cost. How can visitors choose what Asheville NC lodges to stay in for the duration of their visits? Here are some tips for choosing accommodations.

Price Point

The most important step to choosing Asheville NC lodges is determining a price point. Affording five star accommodations on a minimalist budget typically doesn’t work. Have a specific price point you are willing to meet, and start your search from there. Browsing luxury hotels that are far above the budget will only lead to disappointment in whatever place you end up staying in.


What do you look for in a hotel? Do you need the basics, or are you looking for more? Here are some amenities to consider:

  • Included continental breakfasts
  • Spa services
  • Room service
  • Wifi internet access
  • Specific TV channels like HBO
  • 24 hour front desk
  • Daily room service

Once you have a better idea of what amenities you require, you can search Asheville hotels that feature those desired amenities.

Location, Location, Location!

Some people don’t care what part of town they stay in when they visit. However, for other people, like business travelers who don’t have their own mode of transportation, location is everything. If visitors want to stay near a business convention center, or near family, location is more important than anything else. People who are choosy about their location typically can’t afford to be as choosy about other aspects of their stay.

No matter what type of traveler you are, from budget to luxury, there is something for you in Asheville, North Carolina. You can enjoy this beautiful city from any price point. And you will fall in love with it!


asheville nc lodges
BrookStone Lodge
4 Roberts Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

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Accommodations In NC…How To Make The Right Choice

accommodation asheville ncTime for a getaway…long over due and you are raring to go…all that is needed is a destination. Accommodations in NC are plentiful. Finding just the right accommodations in NC is the goal, one that fits the bill and fulfills all your needs, wants, and maybe even more.

When looking for the perfect accommodations in NC you probably have a list in mind. Location, amenities, price, area attractions, what others think or recommend, and the in house amenities are just a few of the desired factors when choosing accommodations in NC for time away from home. If this is what you have in mind you are not alone. Travel agency surveys show that choosing the place to sleep, the home away from home, has its checklist. As humans, we are creatures of comfort and that makes sense when you travel for pleasure, business, or any other reason.

Location has been found to be the number one factor that holds the most weight in the decision making process of customers, it is a big factor. Depending on what you want to do proximity to your plans is important. Locations near tourist attractions, amusement parks, beaches, and excellent dining all fill up quickly. Business trips may need access to the city centers.

What does the hotel have to offer? Amenities hold the second spot on the list of wants and needs. Kids love swimming pools, indoor and out, the health conscious are into workout facilities, and a variety of ages have a desire for WiFi connections.

No smoking rooms and pet friendly properties can also play a role in the selection.

Value in terms of what you pay out is also a factor. All inclusive services such as laundry, breakfast, and late night room service add value. Package deals and discounts may save you money for other expenditures.

What others have to say about their stay may sway your choice. Reviews, good or bad, can become the checkered flags of this is it or the abrupt stop signs in making your decisions. Always take time to consider the point of view of the reviewer, and remember a family with children and a business executive might see the same experience very differently.

Accessibility can be a major plus. On and off the road access, parking availability, major highways and interstates, shuttles, and taxi services are just a few accessibilities that can make or break a deal.

Brookstone Lodge in Asheville is an excellent accommodation in NC. Many of its desired features will make your stay one to remember and return to again and again.

accommodation asheville nc, NC 28803
BrookStone Lodge
4 Roberts Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28803

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