Tips for Choosing the Best Hotel in Asheville NC

best hotel in Asheville NCIf you plan to visit Asheville, North Carolina, you are in for a treat. This city is dynamic with culture, history and art. Asheville is home to several colleges and is known for its gorgeous surrounding mountains and forested areas. One of the major questions visitors need answered is where to stay. Here is a guide on choosing the best hotel in Asheville NC.

The city of Asheville is not huge compared to large metropolitan areas, but it is one of the largest cities in western North Carolina. There are many options when it comes to hotels, so you can afford to be picky.

Know Your Budget

Perhaps the most important indicator of which hotel you choose is the price. What can you afford to pay per night? Most people try to set out a budget before they travel. Come up with a general idea of how much you want to spend on a hotel during your stay. Once you have a general cost outline, you can start to research.

Consider the Nature of Your Visit

Are you visiting Asheville on a business trip, or are you going with family? Will you be alone and therefore want a more pampered stay? Think about what this trip is for. If you are just passing through for a night, you may not care about what amenities the hotel offers. However, if you plan to stay for several days or a week, you may want to be more picky.

If your entire family will be a part of this stay, you may want a hotel that is more kid-friendly. This can include a hotel with a pool or a playground nearby. Don’t splurge on a 5-star hotel with breakable furniture and decorations if you plan to pack four kids in the room.

Many people take advantage of hotel stays with spa services. Many high-end hotels offer massages, facials, manicures, and other services for their more pampered guests. If you want to be pampered, be sure to find a hotel that offers these amenities.

What Do You Need?

It can be difficult to distinguish between needs and wants when choosing the best hotel in Asheville NC. If you are on a tight budget, finding a hotel that provides a bed and a roof over your head may be enough.

If you are carrying important documents or expensive items like jewelry, be sure you find a hotel that features a safe in each room. That way, you know your valuables are safe. There is no right or wrong answer because guests’ needs vary.

Are Your Plans Flexible?

Some people may have exactly 36 hours in Asheville when they visit. Others may be more flexible in their planning. If you have a couple flexibility days, you may be able to find a better rate. Generally speaking, hotels are more expensive on the weekend days and cheaper during the week. So if you just know you want to travel between two certain dates, try to squeeze your hotel stay at one of the best hotel in Asheville into week days to get the best price.

Even if your plans are not flexible, however, you can still find an affordable hotel in Asheville. With just a little research, you can find a hotel with positive customer reviews, a friendly staff, plenty of amenities, and an affordable price tag.


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