This Year, why not Spend Halloween in the Best Hotel in Asheville NC?

This Year, why not Spend Halloween in the Best Hotel in Asheville NC?

What do you get when you combine the fun and mystery of fall with the best hotel in Asheville NC?  You get a horrifyingly good time, of course!  A town as historic as Asheville most definitely has a few restless spirits skulking about.  Chances are good you’ll see a few of them, if you take one of the many ghost tours that explore the scarier side of this mountain community.

For a real adventure into the unknown, join the Haunted Asheville walking tour that starts nightly at the downtown Masonic lodge.  During this two-hour trek into the unknown, your guide will share with you many of the local legends that are part of our heritage.  Some of the stories you’ll hear include:

  • Reports of the apparitions that haunt Helen’s Bridge, scene of a tragic suicide some years back.
  • The chilling account of a murder at the nearby Battery Park Hotel, and of the victim’s spirit that wanders its halls to this day.
  • The tale of how a body came to be entombed in the walls of St. Lawrence’s church, one of the many centuries-old structures you’ll pass by during your tour.

You’ll also visit Asheville’s very own Mystery Museum, where you’ll see exhibits sponsored by local ghost hunting and paranormal groups.  The walking pace is unhurried and easily completed by anyone in reasonably good health.  The material presented during the tour is appropriate for older children as well as adults.  Details are available at the official website.

Don’t feel like strolling about at night?  No problem!  You can also enjoy a unique bus excursion that combines ghostly stories with howling good laughs.  The Haunted Comedy Bus Tour will take you on a one-hour expedition past some of Asheville’s more grisly locations.  You’ll hear about sordid affairs from the city’s past, as well as the spirits that remain witness to the foul deeds that occurred.  This is an adults-only tour, and guests are welcome to bring their own adult beverages along for the ride.  You can find out more at the official website.

Once you’ve explored the spooky side of town, what could be better than relaxing in the finest hotel in Asheville NC?  Brookstone stands apart from other local inns by offering true world-class luxury and comfort.  We offer the following amenities:

  • Smoke-free environment.
  • 32” flat screen televisions with Directv service.
  • Granite vanity and tub.
  • Plush pillows.
  • Heated indoor pool.
  • Open air patio with hot tub.
  • Spacious lobby with magnificent double-sided fireplace.
  • Complimentary high-speed Internet.
  • Fitness center.
  • A delicious full breakfast.
  • Delightfully comfortable rooms and much, much more.

Spend some time with us and you’ll agree that Brookstone is truly the best hotel in Asheville NC.  We look forward to having you as our guest.

The Apple Of Your Eye When It Comes To Fun Activities In Asheville, NC!

Activities In Asheville NC 28803It has been said that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and that sounds like good advice to me. One of the finest gifts of autumn, that nature has to offer, is the juicy, sweet apple. Not only good to the taste but the apple is also very good for the body. Packed full of flavor and vitamins, the apple is a powerhouse fruit.

Located just down the road from the Brookstone Lodge, on Interstate 26, is the quaint city of Hendersonville, North Carolina. A great nickname for Hendersonville might just be the “Little Apple” or “Apple Central”. Fun activities to do in Asheville, NC would definitely include a drive down I-26.

This little city does reap with apples. Everywhere you look you will see apple orchards. Sixteen varieties of apples are grown and sold at the local fruit stands and farmer’s markets. Gala, Jonathan, Cortland, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, Granny Smith, Stayman-Winesap, Arkansas Black, Fuji, Honey Crisp, and Junagold apples are right at your fingertips for your eating pleasure. This is definitely a delight for any apple coin surer or any simple lover of apples to enjoy.

The apples of Hendersonville have become so famous that for the past 60 years they have held an apple festival. Showcasing this amazing fruit has brought visitors far and wide, to taste, to smell, and to simply enjoy four fun packed days honoring the all American apple. It truly is a “Harvest of Fun” and amongst one of the great activities in Asheville, NC.

You might be surprised at what you can make with apples! A symphony for the taste buds awaits your beckon call. Fried apple pies, apple butter, apple dumplings, apple fritters, apple cider, apple jelly, apple jam, apple sauce, apple chow chow, and other mouth watering culinary treats are sold fresh daily by the local vendors.

Some of us might ask…”How do you know a good apple when you see one?” Quick and easy the local growers say, just check out the color, firmness, and of course the taste.

What about measuring apples? The “experts” in Hendersonville have some quick tips to share. One pound of apples is equal to 2 large apples or 3 medium apples, or 4 or 5 small apples. Six to 8 apples make a good pie. Forty two pounds is just about a bushel or 120 medium apples. This one I really liked, “Two apples equal one glass of water in thirst quenching ability”.

Activities in Asheville, NC should definitely include checking out the apples. There seems to be more to apples than meets the eye. A visit to Hendersonville, North Carolina in the fall during apple season is just the place to go. Remember if you are staying at the Brookstone Lodge there are fun activities in Asheville, NC and all around the area.

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Ready, Set, Go…Fun Things to Do in Asheville, NC!

danceThe race is on because summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. Despite the changing seasons there are always fun things to do in Asheville, NC. Looking for something inside, nice air conditioning, where you can sit and relax? Well, I think we have just what might fit the bill. How about some great performances?

Located in Flat Rock, a quaint little village about 30 miles south of Asheville, is the Flat Rock Playhouse. Selected as The State Theatre of North Carolina, Flat Rock Playhouse has some pretty neat bragging rights. It is definitely one of the fun things to do in Asheville, NC.

It began back in 1940 with a few summer performances. Today Flat Rock Playhouse runs for an eight month season. Broadway musicals, comedy, drama and performances for young audiences are included in their genre of productions; so there’s something that will interest everyone!

Their mission is not only the production of the performing arts but also to provide education of the performing arts. They have a “ten-show professional series; a summer and fall college apprentice and intern program; performances and cabaret series by the Youtheatre; year round classes and workshops for students from kindergarten through adults.” Eighty thousand patrons are hosted annually.

The main stage facility is barn-like in appearance. The decor is reminiscent of their summer stock beginnings. Behind the scenes are state of the art lighting, sound systems, electronic stages, costume studio, storage, and dressing capacity for 40. The have come a long way to the delight of many.

The Flat Rock Playhouse auditorium seats 506 in air conditioned comfort. Reserved  seating is available for patrons with wheelchairs and other special needs. Assistive hearing devices are also available at no extra fee.

Hendersonville, North Carolina is host to Flat Rock Playhouse’s satellite theatre, “Playhouse Downtown”. Hendersonville is located off I-40 East about 30 miles from Flat Rock.

You will never fall short of fun things to do in Asheville, NC. Here at the Brookstone Lodge we welcome the opportunity to show you all the attractions that make Asheville, NC a place you will want to return to again and again. The list of fun things to do in Asheville, NC goes on and on. Come on over to the mountains and sit a spell, relax, and enjoy the hospitality and the many fun things to do in Asheville, NC, you will be glad that you did.


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Hiking in Asheville NC

freeimage-5292769-webAsheville, NC offers so many things to do! Vacationers of all ages will not be disappointed. One of the great things to do in Asheville, NC is hiking the nearby trails. Staying at Brookstone Lodge is a great place to begin a wonderful hiking adventure. A first rate experience awaits you as you walk the trails in ancient, wooded mountains that are older than the North American Continent, nearby Brookstone Lodge. Asheville is nestled in the Pisgah National Forest, with easy access to the beautiful nature surrounding it. As you hike the mountain trails breathe the fresh, clean air, listen as the birds serenade you with their endless chatter and enjoy breathtaking views from some of the highest ridgelines east of the Mississippi River. Soak up the sounds and the smells of the deep life-filled forest and discover the beautiful waterfalls, green forests and babbling brooks.

A great hike for families with small children is Woodland Adventure, located within Chimney Rock Park. The interactive hike is easy for little ones along a 0.6 mile trial. Along the trail are handcrafted wood and metal sculptures of the Park’s mascot, Grady the Groundhog and his friends. The hike takes about one hour, with a trailhead elevation of 1,100 ft.

The Carolina Mountain Trail is also good for beginners. This 1.2 mile trail winds through three different types of forestry: Pine, mixed hardwoods and ericaceous. Along the way hikers can rest and enjoy a beautiful overlook at Bent Creek. This is about a one hour loop, with a trailhead elevation of 2,200 feet.

Up for a little more challenging hike, then Deep Creek Loop Trail might just be the hike for you. This trail has a bonus of magnificent views of amazing waterfalls. The Great Smoky National Park in the Deep Creek portion is the setting for this unique trail. A 4.4 mile loop highlighted by the Tom Branch Falls and the Indian Creek Falls. Prepare for a 1.5 to 3 hour adventure…that is well worth it!

For avid or more adventurous hikers, Devil’s Courthouse is a more strenuous nearby hike. According to folklore, within the jagged mountains is a cave where the devil holds court… a little scary but what a beautiful scene to behold. At the top, hikers enjoy a panoramic vista of the steep surrounding cliffs. It’s a steep but short, 0.5 mile trek to the peak. Venture if you dare!

Go ahead, take a hike! With so much natural beauty surround Brookstone Lodge, there is sure to be a hike that fits all skill levels and adventure interests!

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Waterfalls for Things To Do in Asheville NC

Waterfalls for Things to Do in Asheville NCVisiting Western North Carolina, staying at the Brookstone-Lodge and looking for some exciting things to do in Asheville, NC? Do you love water, and are you the outdoors type? Well it is summer and I think Mother Nature might be calling your name! Western North Carolina is home to some of the most beautiful, lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls. Here are some of our favorites in the surrounding Asheville area.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a popular area because almost any trail along this beautiful mountain highway leads to a breathtaking waterfall. The Graveyard Fields Loop, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway allows easy access to a number of these natural beauties to behold. Nearby Transylvania County is the home of 250 amazing waterfalls.

Traveling south on the Blue Ridge Parkway you can take  215 to U.S. 64. This road trip will take you through the colorful Cullasaja Gorge. This spectacular gorge is the home of numerous waterfalls such as Bridal Veil Falls, Dry Falls, and the majestic Callasaja Falls. These beautiful falls cascade close to the highway.

Stretch your neck as you discover the beauty of the  highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains, Upper Whitewater Falls. This waterfall drops 411 feet. A rugged terrain where an abundance of wildflowers grow.

The Blue Ridge Parkway connects to a serene loop that meanders through part of the Pisgah National Forest. Moore’s Cove Falls and the show stopping 85ft Looking Glass Falls are all part of the viewing package. This stretch of highway also takes you to Sliding Rock. One side benefit to traveling along these byways are the many picnic areas. A place to sit, eat, relax and simply enjoy the surroundings.

Also while driving this parkway you will find a series of falls along the Linville River as it cuts through a steep gorge. Another trail to venture on will take you to the 100 ft drop of the Crabtree Falls into the Toe River.

While being a guest in beautiful Western North Carolina, you must see Hickory Nut Falls at Chimney Rock. A leisurely walk through a quiet forest of oak, hickory, maple trees, and wildflowers, both rare and endangered, will be rewarding. The journey’s end will be the spectacular 404 ft Hickory Nut Falls.

Visiting these majestic and beautiful gorges, forest and waterfalls should be one of your many enjoyable things to do in Asheville, NC. No matter the season these sites are breathtaking in their beauty. Staying at the Brookstone Lodge in Asheville gives easy access to the wonders of nature. Be sure to pack a lunch and bring your camera, you will want to capture these gifts of Mother Nature to view in years to come!

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Western North Carolina’s Farmers Market – One of Many Activities in Asheville NC!

activities asheville ncBrookstone Lodge is surrounded by some of the prettiest farmland in Western North Carolina. Rich brown soil gives way to excellent crops of a wide variety. There is no better place to see, to taste, or to experience the vast produce of this beautiful farmland than at the Western North Carolina’s Farmers Market. A visit to the farmers market is one of the most interesting activities in Asheville, NC.

The farmers market is conveniently located between two major interstates, I-40 and I-26. Its location makes it one of the easiest activities in Asheville, NC to find. The public is invited to come and enjoy the character and southern hospitality of the Appalachian Mountains. Admission is free!

Stroll amongst the vendors with their fresh wares for sale. Prices are found to be reasonable, however you may want to do some good old fashioned haggling just for the fun of it?

Fruits, vegetables, mountain crafts, jams, jellies, preserves, sourwood honey, fresh baked breads, and cookies are just a few of the items that can be found on display. It is a sensory treat of sounds, smells, sights, and taste just waiting for you.

There are many activities in Asheville, NC but this one is truly fresh and down home. It is doubtful that you will leave this market with only memories, there are so many goods that can be taken with you!

When staying at the Brookstone Lodge be sure to make the Western North Carolina’s Farmers Market a part of your activities in Asheville, NC. You will be glad that you did!

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Things to Do in Asheville NC – Blowing Rock NC is a Brookstone Guest Favorite

things to do asheville ncWestern North Carolina is a great place to visit. There are so many things to do in Asheville, NC. Places to go and things to see all around the area. Brookstone Lodge in Asheville is a great starting place for any adventure!

Looking for things to do in Asheville, NC? Are you up for something relaxing, maybe a slower pace? Chances are that spending a day in Blowing Rock, North Carolina might just be perfect for you. Blowing Rock is a quaint village nestled in the Appalachian Mountains just off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Blowing Rock is known as the “crown of the Blue Ridge”. It is a great place to visit and to play. It is a town rich in history of a simpler time. A peaceful setting that is inviting and welcoming. Visitors are enticed to leave their cares behind and renew their spirits.

The village streets are lined with boutiques, antique shops, clothiers, galleries, local crafts displayed in store windows, and even an outlet mall. Blowing Rock offers its own Art and History Museum. Apple orchards, Christmas tree farms, a ski resort, historical sites, and wineries are nearby…something for all ages and all taste to enjoy when looking for something to do in Asheville, NC.

Taste buds can be satisfied and thirst can be quenched along the way as you walk Main Street. Stop to chat and visit with the locals who are more than happy to direct you to whatever your interest may be.

If you’d like a trip to remember and a place you will want to come back to, then take a drive over and get acquainted with Blowing Rock, NC…you will be glad you did!

Contact us  for more information on things to do in Asheville, NC at 828-348-8405.

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Things To Do In Asheville NC

If you are looking for things to do in Asheville, NC  the place to start is Brookstone Lodge. Nestled in the rolling Appalachian mountains, Brookstone Lodge is conveniently located off I-40. Your stay at our brand new hotel with plenty of amenities will give you close proximity to all the area attractions.

Your quest for things to do in Asheville, NC might begin with a visit to the Biltmore Estate. A trip back in time to a beautiful mansion in a breathtaking countryside. A must see attraction on your list of things to do in Asheville, NC.

asheville things to do

If it is outdoor adventures that have brought you seeking things to do in Asheville, NC, then the Pisgah National Forest or Chimney Rock State Park might be calling your name. Hiking trails for any level of adventure await and beckon to the wanderer  in each visitor to these pristine woodlands.

things to do asheville nc

If it is the city life that is catching your fancy, then there is always the spectrum from charming downtown to the busy Asheville Mall. A “Things to do in Asheville, NC” list might not be complete without discovering the nightlife of downtown.

asheville things to do

Wherever your  travels take you in looking for things to do in Asheville, NC you can rest, assured that a comfortable bed will be awaiting you at days end at the Brookstone Lodge.

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